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How To Care For Your Bridle

How To Care For Your Bridle

Lottie Carroll |

"If you take care of your FinesseBridles®, they will last a lifetime."

Tips & Guidance for maintaining and cleaning your bridle:

  • Always apply leather grease to your new bridle before using it for the first time.
  • Never wash with saddle soap or wet wipes.
  • Use a damp cloth with water or leather cleaner to remove dark sweat marks. 
  • Use leather balm or oil once a week. If your horse sweats a lot, use it twice a week. Do not use large amounts of leather grease – just enough to lightly wipe over your bridle. 
  • If you use too much leather grease or oil, the stitching can become worn with time and damaged. This is true of all tanned leather.
  • Store the bridle in a dry temperate tack room. If this is not possible, make sure not to hang your FinesseBridles® directly above a damp surface.
  • If you have been riding in strong sunlight or rain, always treat with oil afterwards.