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How To Fit Your Finesse Bridle

How To Fit Your Finesse Bridle

Lottie Carroll |

When you first use the Finesse Bridle, you will notice that the foam headpiece feels stiff. This is completely normal. To make the headpiece soften, Finesse recommends that you squish the foam to create a more natural shape, it is normal to hear the fibres crack. The foam will naturally soften and mould to your horse's head. Once the noseband is closed, the headpiece will sit in the right shape, providing a customised and comfortable fit..

You will notice freedom where the sensitive temporomandibular joint (TMJ) sits, the foam headpiece is designed to reduce pressure, even if it sits closer to some horse's ears. 

The bit strap that sits on the foam headpiece can be moved side to side making it easy to check that the bit is sitting straight in your horse's mouth. Normally, the horse needs two wrinkles beside the mouth. If the straps are too loose, the tongue will easily go over and if it is too tight, will be uncomfortable for your horse. 

To ensure the you choose the correct fitting noseband, make sure that the strap is sitting between 1-2 cm from the cheek bone. It is recommend that you can get two fingers under the noseband, then you know that it won't be too tight.