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GS Equestrian Has a New Look

GS Equestrian Has a New Look

Oliver Endicott |

Today we launched our new look across all of our platforms, we are super excited to share these brand updates with you all and why we have made them.

What’s changed and what hasn’t

We have updated our logo, wordmark, typeface and colours. The overall function and user interface of our website has remained relatively the same, but we are constantly updating and improving it to provide you with the smoothest and stress free shopping experience. 

How we got here

GS Equestrian started out as small business operating mainly in the UK but now we have a much more international customer base and send orders out across the world. As our customers needs have evolved our business and products have evolved right alongside them. We realised our brand identity needed to scale and change with our customers as it was clear we had outgrown our previous look.

Our new branding needed to reflect our modern and innovative approach to online shopping whilst also representing the heritage and tradition that is rooted in the equestrian world. 

Staying true to our core beliefs

Aside from our visual elements changing our approach and business ethos has remained the same. We want our customers to feel that they are taken care of and that they can spend more time in the saddle without having to worry about their online shopping. Connecting and sharing the joy and passion of riding with our customers is at the heart of what we do and we hope that our new branding means we can amplify and build our community even more.

Ride More, Worry Less.

GS Equestrian Team