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Size Guide Shires Cavesson and Flash Bridles

Mini Small Pony Pony Cob Full Extra Full 

Head Measurement (bit ring to bit ring)

65-81cm 74-94cm 80-99.5cm 93-114cm 101-123cm 107.5-131cm

Browband (end to end)

32.5cm 35cm 37.5cm 40cm 42.5cm 45cm
Throat lash (split to split) 41-46cm 45-64cm 51-69cm 64-84.5cm 71-91.5cm 71-95cm
Cheek Piece (to include buckle) 18cm 21cm 22.5cm 24cm 25cm 26cm
Noseband (Circumference) 45-51.5cm 50-58cm 50-58cm 58-64cm 62-70cm 68-76cm
Flash (Circumference)  N/A 39-49cm 42-54.2cm 47-57cm 52-68cm 57-68cm