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Stierna Equestrian Sportswear is a Swedish brand with an innovative, technical range designed and developed by dedicated riders.
They combine specialist knowledge from the sports and outdoor industry to create a range of high quality equestrian sportswear that allows the athlete to perform at their optimum.


    Stierna's garments not only protect you from the elements but also manage moisture and maintain proper heat balance to keep you dry, an important part of staying comfortable. Breathable outerwear allows moisture to evaporate rather than trapping it against the body.

  • Stierna Halo 2.0 Long Sleeve Base Layer #colour_wildberry


    Explore the range of clothing designed to keep you dry and comfortable during your ride, allowing you to focus more on your riding and your horse. 


    The Stiena riding socks are advanced, technical socks with performance zones that have been developed for when you are riding. The materials have been carefully chosen and help provide you with plenty of support, high moisture transportation and durability to keep you going all day long.


From the very beginning, Stierna had the issue of sustainability as one of the parameters in their ambition to develop technical equestrian clothing with high functionality for active riders. The phrase "Buy less, choose well, make it last”, a quote by fashion queen Vivienne Westwood, has become a mantra for Stierna’s product development.